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Bruce & Barbara Westrup, Wine Club Members since 2004

What a year. Gratitude: For the wines and memories your family and team have made. For the firefighters. For our health. Thanks for putting the sparkle in our quiet New Years' Eve celebrations, and we toast to a time soon when we can party with you again in St. Helena. Cheers.

"Rombauer and we had a great beginning together. It happened on Maui in 1997. We were in a restaurant named Catalina on Front street and I asked the owner/chef to recommend a great bottle of Wine that would complement our order. He brought our first bottle of Rombauer and we have been drinking Rombauer ever since. Congratulations on 40 years of making great wine. You have made us proud to share your wines with friends and family!"

Bob Fowe, Wine Club Member since 2015

The Bradys, Wine Club Members since 2015

If Armageddon happens, the Brady’s won’t care

I write to express how much we enjoyed the virtual wine tasting, made possible by our impeccable host. He was absolutely phenomenal. Two in our group have traveled to Napa often and have participated in multiple tastings at Hall, Phelps, Chateau Montelena, etc., etc. Nonetheless, Eddie G. imparted information (such as degrees at which various wines should be tasted, warm-up and refrigeration times, etc.) that had never been heard before and is very practical and useful. He also navigated our two groups of ladies via Zoom gracefully and with humor amidst our jokes, fits of laughter, and questions. He knowledgeably answered all questions immediately, shared screen videos in doing so, and otherwise moderated the time smoothly in what would otherwise have been utter chaos. A good time was had by all, and at least one more of us became a member today as a result! I highly recommend the virtual Rombauer private experience!

Susan Raffanello, Wine Club Member since 2018

Jennifer Tracy, Stevi MT

Homegrown vegetables and delicious Rombauer Zinfandel.

Melissa Meagher, Wine Club Member since 2019

As a wine club member, I wanted to say thank you for making my 30th birthday in Palm Springs delicious!

"Rombauer is one of our favorite wineries! We love picking up our wine at their events. They make it beyond special in every way! The atmosphere is amazing and the staff takes such great care of everybody. We love to have picnics there after our wine tasting. Their Chardonnay is and always will be my Favorite!"

Lisa F.

The Jacksons, Wine Club Member since 2012

As a family, we have so many special Rombauer Chardonnay memories, but two stand out the most.
First, we celebrated my 40th birthday in Napa with our best friends and spent the afternoon at Rombauer.

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My husband arranged for a lovely private picnic on the grounds with an amazing tasting provided by Cheryl. We enjoyed sharing stories of our friendship while savoring the buttery Chardonnay. I was also lucky enough to leave with a signed bottle of Chardonnay from K.R. Rombauer.
Second, we celebrated my mother’s 75th birthday with a surprise double magnum of Chardonnay on a late summer afternoon at the beach. The experience provided a great photo opportunity and another occasion filled with family and love. We, of course, always enjoy our chardonnay in our Rombauer glasses!

Melinda Morgan

The Stowells, Wine Club Members since 2015

We have been a dedicated fan of Rombauer wines for decades. We have always been treated as family on our frequent visits to Napa and especially enjoy the visits to the foothill location. We are looking forward to the next decades to enjoy Rombauer wine and the hospitality of all the employees.

Congrats for all your success and to the future of Rombauer and your vision to provide the best experience for your guests and employees.

Karen D., Wine Club Member since 2009

Our stop at Rombauer introduced us to what would become my favorite Chardonnay. It is big, full of flavor, and appeals to me a little differently every year! Our visit introduced us to not only a wonderful wine, but some great people. It was a fun experience and is one afternoon we relive as we share a bottle of Rombauer Chardonnay. Congratulations on 40 years of great wine and wonderful people! We are so pleased to have "known" Rombauer for, at least, 25 of your years and look forward to more years ahead! Thank you for making life a lot more fun for a lot of people.

"Don't go to wine country with out stopping here. Te wines are some of the best you will find, the grounds are stunning, the people are very kind, its dog and kid friendly and there are nice places to picnic. I also love that they offer wines by the glass. We already know our favorites and it can be nice to skip the tasting and just get a glass of something we love."

Megan S., Danville, CA

The Hansens, Wine Club Member since 2012

Our favorite memories of Rombauer (other than the wines themselves) are the Chardonnay Release Parties. We always left with wine and especially loved it when each new vintage of Joy was released.

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At the 2018 Release Party, I brought a bottle of Joy that was over ten years old. I shared it with Richie and K.R. and it was an incredible wine that surprised us all for its light color and luscious flavor. We also were fortunate to take the 2019 Rombauer Cruise. This was our first cruise ever. We met Cheryl and Reagan along with many new wine lovers and truly enjoyed the experience.

"Congratulations to one of our favorites. We lived near the winery in 1980 and made our first visit when you were still in a trailer serving your new wines. It was quieter back then, but you still managed to retain your charm. You remind us of those times."

Frank and Maryann Russo, Wine Club Member since 2015

The Turners, Wine Club Members since 2015

Our family loves these wines, this winery and the events. We will miss the live joy of wine this year and can’t wait to get together with everyone soon!

The Harrisons, Wine Club Members since 2013

The simple, but true, definition of Joy is said to be a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Joy comes in many forms and our family often finds it when spending quality time together talking, laughing, eating, and drinking wine.

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The stories that emerge, from our first experiences as a family tasting Rombauer Chardonnay, to bringing bottles of the deliciously tasty wine to our beach picnics on the coasts of California, have grown with each year that passes us by. We have spent invaluable time together as a family creating charcuterie boards and antipasto lunches on warm summer days with Rombauer Home Ranch and Buchli Station reserve Chardonnays. We have met and created great friendships with those who work for this all-inclusive winery to learn more about their wine making process and how this remarkable elixir came to be. Our family has taken this smooth, buttery Chardonnay across state and country lines to bring to friends and family in areas around the world, only to have them be as entranced with it as we are. Rombauer Chardonnay has brought people together, family and friends. It has, in the simplest of terms, brought joy. The joy of wine.