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Alison Surgeon

Alison Surgeon was named National Sales Director at Rombauer Vineyards in 2019.  The appointment came after fifteen years spent rising through the ranks, shouldering greater and greater responsibilities in a series of successive sales positions while also earning an Executive MBA at Sonoma State University.  In addition to her own dedication and hard work, Alison credits her success to the mentors she’s been fortunate to have at Rombauer, including Koerner Rombauer himself, who took the time to get to know her when she was just starting out.  Alison is also cognizant that she is the rare female with the title of National Sales Director at a winery, a fact she doesn’t take for granted.  “Women are often told they have to choose either a career or a personal life, but I’m here to say you can have both,” she says.  “It’s a struggle, but it’s a struggle worth doing.”  On her free time, you can find Alison hiking, camping, gardening or tossing a football with her two sons.