Davitto Ranch - I Rombauer Vineyards I Napa Valley

Davitto Ranch

Carneros, Sonoma County | 180 acres

Fish Friendly Farming Certified

This is one of our family’s newest vineyards, located on the Sonoma side of the Carneros appellation. Prior to being purchased by Koerner Rombauer in 2013, the property had been in the Davitto family for three generations and previously served as pastureland for cattle and a home for fruit trees. In addition to the cool Carneros climate, the property’s varied landscape — with its sloping hillsides and flatland, Haire clay loam soil and prolific artesian well — makes it ideal for Chardonnay.

Development was done in three phases in as many years, with the last completed in the summer of 2016 as we harvested our first grapes from the initial planting. We’re excited about the potential contribution of Davitto to our Chardonnay program. Its development is a key part of our long-term mission to improve the quality of our wines by replacing good vineyard sources with ones that are extraordinary.

We’re told this property might have another claim to fame: It’s rumored to be the setting for one of the most “seen” photographs ever — the Microsoft Windows XP default “wallpaper” photo known as “Bliss.”

Varieties Chardonnay
Soils Haire Clay Loam, Diablo
Wines Carneros Chardonnay
Date Purchased 2013
Dates Planted 2014-2016