Ferrero - I Rombauer Vineyards I Napa Valley


Amador County | 60 acres

At 60 acres, Ferrero Vineyard is one of the largest old vine vineyards in California, owned by John Ferrero, who happened to be born on the property. The oldest block, from which Rombauer receives 1 ton of fruit, was planted in 1904; most of the remaining vineyard was planted after World War II. The first time Winemaker Richie Allen saw the grapes from Ferrero, they were so small he thought they were Cabernet. They were Zinfandel, however, and the fruit has been used in our Rombauer Zinfandel ever since.

Wines: Rombauer Zinfandel

Varieties Zinfandel
Soils Shenandoah Series
Wines Rombauer Zinfandel
Dates Planted 1904 and 1950s